Not All Clip-in Extensions created equally

With so many options and so many claiming to be the best, our minds play a ping-pong battle to just figure out what extensions to pick from. In today's article, I'm going to focus on clip-in hair extensions and how they are not all the same.

As a professional Hairstylist and Hair Extension Artist and founder of DeLushious Hair Extensions. I've seen everything. The ugly truth is 85% of people have wasted 100's of dollars in garbage hair, in all honesty, it breaks my heart seeing this. The quality of hair you want to make sure the hair you buy is 100% Cuticle aligned Remy Human hair, yes there are the same but a lot of companies will say there 100 % Remy Hair which can still be a blend of animal and scraped hair. Cuticle aligned/Remy means the cuticle of the hair runs from root to end in a downward direction mimicking our own hair and is never adjusted otherwise kind of the same as roof shingles. If a company doesn't mention cuticle alignment, I would stay away. High graded Pure Remy human hair should last 6-12 months without matting and frizzing all depending on wear it can last up to 2 years.

Let us not forget to overlook the actual clips and placement what it's supported to and how its stitched. I hear it all the time "Are they going to stay in?" If your clips are stitch to single weft or double weft guaranteed they are flimsy and need backcombing and a prayer to last the night. I can't emphasize enough that the clips and the base are just as equally important as the quality of hair.

I love, love DeLushious Hair! High graded cuticle aligned human hair, and our German stainless clips double stitched on a flexible band that provided ultimate comfort and support. This type of support and comfort will not cause stress or damage ones natural hair. 

 So when in doubt remember this little tad of information. Wishing you all the best on the journey to finding the perfect clip-in extensions. 

Cheers to great hair