Platinum Blonde Eliminating The Gold

So you've just got your dream platinum blonde and two weeks later you notice the yellow or gold tones slowly creeping through. Your first instinct is to run back to your hairstylist and that is perfectly normal. Because the reality is that all bleach blondes or even solid white hair will pick up yellow tones due to many factors.

1. Indoor light/environment pollution

2. Sunlight 

3. Water minerals 

4. Not using a proper shampoos 

5. Even hormonal changes or medication.

Yes, there is help for you it's. "purple toning Shampoo" that is designed to help eliminate yellow tones in the hair.  You need to start using it after the 4th or 5th shampoo I tell my clients to use it every 2nd or 3rd wash use your discretion.

When figuring out the perfect blonde for my DeLushious Hair ( Hollywood Blonde) I really wanted a true platinum blonde before the toner. As much as some blondes hate gold there is a lot who love and suit it. But for those of you who are anti-gold click on the link below to turn your platinum blonde to an icy blonde. #whiteblonde #platiumblonde #toningcolor #clipinextensions #beautifulhair


I give you a step by step tutorial on how to create the perfect cool blond.