Color Matching Consultations


We understand how difficult it can be to pick the perfect color so we created a color swatch you can download. Let's face it, time after time, our own hair colors and tones change. So I wanted to offer color choices that are more simplified. All of DeLushious Hair has a blend of two or more color mixtures, minus soft black and Hollywood blonde these two colors have two light reflecting tones.

        Our hair is 100% cuticle aligned mimicking our own hair and  hasn't gone through any toxic metallic dyes and can be colored by a professional stylist. We also offer indeep online complimentary color consultations by professional licensed Hair Stylists that can also customize a color for additional fee as well .


       - Please send a good non filtered or altered  photo of your current hair color                                              in natural lighting.    

       - A photo as the desired look you want to achieve if planing to change your                                               color. 

       -  Please let us know if your has been recently colored and  how often you                                                  refresh your color.


                We will do our best to help find or create the hair or you.  

   Here is a video that can also help you understand how to color match your extensions. Color choices made easy